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Sim Local provides local network bundles to intercontinental travellers. We operate retail shops in large Hub Airports which are supported by vending machines which also operate in regional airports and we have shop-in-shop and affiliate partnerships all over the world.


SIM Local are specialists of SIM card channel management and technology. We do this by investing in both our team and our technology to provide a superior customer experience.​

SIM Local manage their own specialist retail offering, but we also operate an international wholesale model, manage a network of Automated Retail machines and operate a shop-in-shop model within the travel retail environment. ​

By implementing our SIMulator software in our SIM Local stores, we have made it possible to apply data, talk and text bundles to SIM cards in less than 6 seconds comparing favourably to the average 7 minutes needed by other retailers. By integrating SIMulator software, a hugely improved customer experience can be delivered and overall service time reduced in stores for our business partners. This technology allows for real time reporting along with quick and easy integration, while encouraging an increase in sales, revenue and superior customer experience.​

If you are a Retailer or Airport Retail Developer looking to sell pre-paid SIM cards to intercontinental customers, we are the only category manager to talk to! Please visit

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Uni-Fi Global provides 4G Wi-Fi devices which enable customers to stay connected at local rates with mobile security protocols, no matter where they are.


Uni-fi devices use cloud-based SIM technology to link to the best local rates providing secure Wi-Fi coverage without the need for local SIM cards. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, Uni-Fi Global’s mission is to provide you with high speed 4G data in over 100+ countries worldwide.

Uni-Fi provides a corporate service model which includes:

• provision and set up of devices
• flexible price plans based on employee data needs – choose data or time bundles
• centralised device management and API access to data
• reporting module providing real time data usage allowing for the device and expenditure to be managed centrally
• a billing platform along with a mobile application allowing the end user to manage and monitor data usage

For our corporate customers, we have a selection of data packages available depending on the frequency and location of travel and volume of data required.
For enquiries or further information, please visit

VatBack, currently in development will provide a fast, easy, revolutionary UK VAT reclaim mechanism, developed in partnership with UK airports. 


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