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The SIMulator

  SIMulator is a new technology, powered by SIM Local, which enables retailers to apply data bundles to SIM cards in seven seconds flat. The process is simple: with SIMulator technology, all you need to do is scan the SIM card pack that the customer wishes to purchase, this applies a bundle to the SIM automatically and the customer walks away with a ready to use SIM. No need for them to worry about activating…

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SIM Local invest in their team through their Aspiring Leaders programme to create future leaders who are ready for anything

The importance of encouraging individuals to become high-performing, confident team members is unparalleled and is vital for all successful businesses. SIM Local are doing this through their ‘Aspiring Leaders’ programme.     ‘Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first’. Simon Sinek coined this phrase, and it perfectly aligns with SIM Local’s goals when it comes to their own team. A company is nothing without their team and any smart business…

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Why Dublin?

Dublin is a well-known historical city, whether it be in relation to the immortal, multifaceted image created by James Joyce, the artistically inspirational city portrayed by W.B. Yeats or the contemporary cosmopolitan hub that attracts many visitors today. Dublin is imbued with unmeasurable culture and history but it cannot be forgotten that it is a huge sector for economic growth. Here are just a few of the reasons why:     Dublin is a Technological…

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