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SIM Local invest in their team through their Aspiring Leaders programme to create future leaders who are ready for anything

The importance of encouraging individuals to become high-performing, confident team members is unparalleled and is vital for all successful businesses. SIM Local are doing this through their ‘Aspiring Leaders’ programme.


SIM Local - ‘Aspiring Leaders’ programme


‘Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first’. Simon Sinek coined this phrase, and it perfectly aligns with SIM Local’s goals when it comes to their own team. A company is nothing without their team and any smart business is aware of this. This is why the ‘Aspiring Leaders’ programme was introduced by SIM Local in 2016 to help individuals adapt to high performance culture. The programme runs over 12 months and encompasses both classroom learning and store training so that individuals are constantly learning and being challenged. They are also awarded an NVQ qualification within retail once the programme has been completed.

Sim Local want their team to be happy to come to work and to feel secure and confident in what they do. In this way, the programme works to enhance individual’s skills and behaviours to prepare them for the ‘real world’ while providing them with undeniably important work-related and life skills.


The importance of investing in your employees is abundantly clear – an enjoyable workspace means that workers are more productive. The programme aims to build ‘leaders of tomorrow’ so that individuals develop clear objectives and a path to excel in, providing them with all the tools necessary to progress, whether it be in SIM Local or otherwise, in a high-performance workplace. Along with this, happy workers attract like-minded individuals and build the positive reputation attributed to the company overall. Having skilled employees sets a business up for success, but having employees that are dedicated, confident and encouraged, makes certain that failure is not an option.  


SIM Local - ‘Aspiring Leaders’ programme


When it comes to doing a job well, confidence is key. It has been said that ‘confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence’. This is why SIM Local aim to encourage their team by helping them to develop their behaviours and competencies, along with ‘real world learnings’. It is important to have confidence in your team in order for them to perform to the best of their abilities, and this is why SIM Local provide the tools and support for individuals to progress in every aspect of the lives.


SIM Local take pride in their team and want to make sure that they have the best educational work experience available. Going forward, the importance of the ‘Aspiring Leaders’ programme is only set to expand. Regardless of experience or where you aim to follow your career to, SIM Local look to coach, train and develop their team so that they are ready for roles within any industry.

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