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The SIMulator


SIMulator is a new technology, powered by SIM Local, which enables retailers to apply data bundles to SIM cards in seven seconds flat. The process is simple: with SIMulator technology, all you need to do is scan the SIM card pack that the customer wishes to purchase, this applies a bundle to the SIM automatically and the customer walks away with a ready to use SIM. No need for them to worry about activating their SIM, adding credit, or waiting for a bundle to be applied. Our technology benefits both retailers and customers in multiple ways:

For customers, there is a guaranteed reduced wait time in store. SIMulator applies bundles to SIM cards in 6 seconds flat whereas typical network retailers take around 7 minutes to do the same thing. This ensures that customer turnover is swift and that they leave ready to use their SIMs without them needing to take any extra steps. The reduced wait time leads to a happier customer experience, often guaranteeing return business and resulting in reduced customer walkaways.

For retailers, much of the benefits customers experience apply here too. Happy customers mean successful business and increased sales. The quicker transaction time means that more sales can be made, generating revenue on a much higher scale than traditional retailing.

The software is extremely easy to use, involving only 3 steps for the retailer. This involves; scanning the SIM pack, selecting the applicable network bundle, and making the sale. It is a very quick process and because of this, the sale is made seamlessly every time. SIMulator also provides real time reporting which makes it easy for retailers to manage stock, sales and to track backend analytics. Stock management can be made bespoke to suit the needs of individual retailers and stores alike.

SIMulator is now in operation in WHSmith and Airport Concierge and has plans to expand in the near future.

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