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Why Dublin?

Dublin is a well-known historical city, whether it be in relation to the immortal, multifaceted image created by James Joyce, the artistically inspirational city portrayed by W.B. Yeats or the contemporary cosmopolitan hub that attracts many visitors today. Dublin is imbued with unmeasurable culture and history but it cannot be forgotten that it is a huge sector for economic growth. Here are just a few of the reasons why:


TravelWin Group | Why Dublin


  1. Dublin is a Technological Hub

With Dublin’s Silicon Docks existing as a major player in the tech world, Dublin is the perfect place to set up shop for a tech related business. Google and Facebook have offices here, along with many other well-known multinational companies, so the talent pool and potential for technological growth is huge. Grand Canal Dock did not only survive the economic downturn but grew throughout it, resulting in a beacon of potential employment when the common assumption was that hiring new employees would be out of the question for all businesses for the foreseeable future. Thanks to this, Dublin’s Silicon Docks continue to have a growing workforce of over forty thousand people and it’s not slowing down any time soon.

With 40% of the population of Dublin aged under 30, the employee pool consists of highly skilled, well-educated young people who are fresh out of college and hot on the heels of new developments in the tech industry.



TravelWin Group | Why Dublin


  1. Tax Regulation

With the corporate tax at 12.5% in Ireland, it remains located in the lower bracket of EU tax rates. This is a huge incentive for businesses to root themselves in Ireland in general. Along with this, trading throughout the EU is easy for companies in located in Ireland. This means that Dublin attracts corporate investment from overseas encouraging growth from everywhere, not just from inside the country itself.



TravelWin Group | Why Dublin


  1. Infrastructure

Dublin is a small cosmopolitan city, with numerous ways to get around. With the city centre located just 13km away from Dublin airport, the accessibility of the city is unrivalled. No matter the destination, Dublin has a way to get you there – whether it be by Luas, which travels to and from the city centre every few minutes, the bus, DARTs or taxis, there is always a way to get from A to B. Due to the small size of the city centre, walking may also be a first choice. This perfectly complements the hustle and bustle of the city with the reassurance of reliable transport.


TravelWin Group | Why Dublin


  1. Multiculturalism (and friendliness)

With inward migration at an all-time high in Ireland, multiculturalism is at its peak. The Times have reported that almost one in eight people living in Ireland hail from abroad. This, in turn, means that the workforce is highly varied, allowing for well-rounded teams with a number of different perspectives and experiences existing in a large talent pool. Due to this, employees are able to learn about other cultures and gain insights into their perspective backgrounds which contributes to the positive and efficient work culture that Ireland is known for.


It’s fair to say that Dublin is an attractive city for any company or individual to set up shop in, and with its rich history and diverse culture, the real question is – why not Dublin?

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